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Design Size & Placement

Size and placement matter when it comes to ensuring your design is in the best fitting location on its garment. Below is a reference for where your design can be placed based on its size and desired location on the garment.


Color CArds

Our color cards are convenient lists of each ink, thread, and heatpress color that we keep in stock and use as our color standards, as well as our stock heatpress fonts. While Pantone color matching is always available, these are the Pantone colors that capture their color best, and tend to regularly be chosen for the job. Below is the master list of all three color cards.


Font Lists

Our font list can help you find the font that fits the style for your design, or if you just want to browse for a little creative inspiration. Below is a list of sample fonts for screen printing, as well as a list of fonts commonly used in embroidery.


Tax Exempt form

If your organization is tax exempt, most commonly seen in re-sale, schools and churches, the form below will allow your purchases from us to be tax free. This form should be filled out and signed before work begins on any new order. Once complete, we will keep it on file for future orders.


Credit Card Authorization

If you plan on having several or recurring orders with us, the credit card authorization form can be used to keep your card approval on file for future use.